On 4/10/13 9:03 AM, Eduardo TrĂ¡pani wrote:
> I was thinking about the plugin being able to pick up
> Unicode (as well as FSW) from the page and convert it to the div/span +
> images.  So that we could copy/paste Unicode too.
A Unicode output plugin will be available on shortly.

A Unicode input plugin is easy enough to write if you review the 
SignWriting Icon Client code.

Unicode is a bit temperamental, especially in JavaScript.  Instead of 
searching for single characters (UTF-32), we have to use character pairs 

In SWIC file "msw.js", the function cswText has the UTF-16 regular 
expression required.  Unicode can be converted to Formal SignWriting 
with the function csw2bsw followed by the function bsw2fsw.