I am sorry but I made a mistake in the previous email for the colour of the cat.

Hi Valerie,

It is me again. Just wanted to thank you for this opportunity to get to know 
about sign writing. My tutor told me that working with the plugin is actually 
very good since it is very straight forward to use while very helpful for my 

Now I wanted to tell you that I need more than one sentence for my demo. In 
fact I managed to come up with at least 10 basic sentences to be used for my 
demo. I am using a video dictionary so in reality I do not need a person to 
record the translation for me

I do need your help now with sign writing though.

For example I have the following:

Sentence: The cat is white.

Video links are the following:

As I said earlier I am extra new to sign writing so may I ask you if you can help 
me with it please?

Thanks and Regards