Hello everyone,

My initial idea for my thesis was to identify whether it is possible and useful for 
sign language users to build a standard video dictionary used for each video 
transcriber on the web. I opted to use ASL since if the results proved that if a 
dictionary based transcriber can work, then it would make sense to record 
videos in Maltese sign language.    It is obviously rather impossible to find 
Maltese sign language videos as is. The videos were found in ASL and since it is 
a language highly used then I opted to use that as a language.

Then in mid March after I have submitted my proposal I met the signwriting 
system and I also managed to read and understand better about it from the 
thesis Maria Galea submitted for the linguistics in LSM so I tried to include it in 
my study since if sign writing is highly understood by sign language users then 
it would be appropriate to include that as an option for them when viewing 
videos on the web as well. 

Maria, I do know our limited resources here in Malta for everything basically. 
That is why I asked you to meet and explain to me your proposal idea with 
regards to my area i.e. computing about LSM since if I will be able to continue 
my studies further for sure I would love to help since I am enjoying working in 
this area of study a lot.

I tried to explain and give my reasons for my thesis idea. I really appreciate 
your invaluable help a lot.

Thanks a lot,