This really is a great and exciting thing. I have been trying it in several different places just to see how it works. I have noticed a few things that you may or may not be aware of.

One thing that I noticed is that when using the SignWriting Thin Viewer Booklet, if the user were to click on it multiple time on the same page, the SignWriting appears multiple time on the page. Shouldn't it just do it once and then not repeat it on the same page even if it is click again?

The next thing I noticed was that when I tried to save the booklet on the iPhone, I couldn't figure out how it do it. It could be because I haven't worked with bookmarks on my iPhone much. Or it could be because there isn't a booklet feature.

I also tried to see if I could use the SWTV with translatewiki. Unfortunately, it seems that when the FSW is in a text box that the SWTV doesn't display anything, and text boxes are what translatewiki used. 

Apparently in Apple Mail, your email shows a white FSW text across the SignWriting itself. I notice that this also happens in Safari, but only on your webpage. When I tried other places in SignPuddle to display the FSW code and then click on the booklet, it looked fine without the text over it. I thought this was interesting and don't know why it behaves differently.

In any case, I hope that these observations I had will be of some benefits. 


On Apr 6, 2013, at 8:46 PM, Stephen E Slevinski Jr wrote:

Hi List,

I'm excited.  The realization of an idea and explosive new possibilities.  Introducing the Universal SignWriting Plugins.

I've updated my homepage and I'm hopeful that other people will see the wow factor.  The scaffolding is based on Twitter's Bootstrap, but it's just an example.

There is no preferred software package anymore.  Use what you're using, just use Formal SignWriting and add the SignWriting Thin Viewer.  Formal SignWriting is universally supported on the web with a simple javascript plugin and 2 lines of code.  Based on ASCII, SVG, HTML, regular expressions, and the document object model: Formal SignWriting is forging ahead.

Any sign language, any where on the web can use use the SignWriting Thin Viewer.  The viewer is currently mono sized and mono spaced.  CSS integration and more advanced features to come.

Next week I will prepare a custom plugin for MediaWiki software and submit it for a security review.  If it passes the review, Wikimedia projects will be able to support the display of real SignWriting in an editable form.  

I'm hoping we can move the ASL Wikipedia Project to Wikimedia Incubator.  In theory, any sign language could request a project on Wikimedia Incubator because the display technology will be available.


PS - I selected and copied the initial SignWriting Text from

Here is the regular paste:


Here is the same paste without formatting:

The ASCII strings represent the signs.  It is the best option for transmitting sign language logograms.  If you see a sign on the Internet that you like, select it and copy it.  If it's based on the Universal SignWriting Plugin, you'll be able to share and build with your community.