If that is the writing that you were talking about, that is one possibility of how to write it. I would find myself trying to make it so that the mouth movements be written with one face, but I agree with you that that isn't really possible in this case. 

If I were to write this vertically, I would probably see what it looks like with the heads stacked on top of each other because I find that vertically writing flows better with vertical columns. Take fingerspelling for example. When the writing is vertical, it flows better to have the fingerspelling vertical as well.

Now if this were just by itself or with horizontal writing, I might choice to write it as you did. I think the only difference would be that I would overlap the face circles more, creating a Venn Diagram feel. ;-) That is actually how Stefan writes, which I think has a lot of merit to it.


On Apr 10, 2013, at 8:59 AM, Adam Frost wrote:

I didn't see an attachment, but I found this in SignPuddle. Is this what you meant?

On Apr 10, 2013, at 8:54 AM, Natasha Escalada-Westland wrote:

Hi! I'm working on a presentation about Non Manual Signals, particularly mouth morphemes, and want to know if writing a mouth movement that changes during the course of one sign as a series of connected heads is acceptable. I've attached an example of the ASL sign for FINISH, as it appears in the phrase FINISH EXPERIENCE (to have experienced a particular activity). Thanks, Natasha Escalada-Westland