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April 16, 2013

Hello Marquita -
Thank you for forwarding your message to me…not necessary to forward the messages to me - just keep posting the messages and I will fix my email ;-)))

Anyway - Thank you for placing a period at the end of your sentence in your example below. I just wrote my version and saved it in SignPuddle too. Take a look:

You will see that the symbol for Period or "end of sentence" in SignWriting is a thicker black bar than what your example shows - when you type a period in the Translate Feature, it should give you that thick bar for the Period symbol from SignWriting.. Did you use the Translate Feature and type a period - your symbol looked smaller and skinnier somehow -

Anyway, I can see you got the idea of how to work and that is great -

Val ;-)


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I updated it,

Is this how it should be?