On Apr 26, 2013, at 2:56 PM, Marquita Formosa wrote:

Hi all,

I am sorry for not sending earlier but at the moment together with my thesis I
am also having exams and assignments.

I have tried to do the signs needed fro my demo using the Translate feature on
the signpuddle.

Cherie, Adam,

May I ask you if you can kindly take a look at the signs I did please in the links
below? Thanks in Advance.

First Sentence

   The cat is white

Looks fine to me.

Second Sentence

   Who is there?

This isn't bad either, although I would place the arrow closer to the hand symbol for THERE like below:

Third Sentence

   Do you love me?

The first two are fine for YOU LOVE, but the last sign is not the sign for ME and it would also need to have the raised eyebrows.

Fourth Sentence

   He lives in America

This is fine.

Fifth Sentence

   Today the weather is sunny

I would personally use a different sign for TODAY and I don't think I would use WEATHER for the sentence at all. SUNNY looks really complicated to read. I wonder if there is an easier spelling of it. Here is my try on the sentence.

Sixth Sentence

   What is your name?

The last sign is not what would be used for asking this type of question, and you also need to have the eyebrows down. I rewrote it below.

Seventh Sentence

   My hair is black. (changed this from eyes to hair and from brown to black)

I would use a different hand symbol for HAIR and also not use the rims on the head symbols. Probably more my style of writing, but I just find it easier to read without the rims.

Eighth Sentence

   Where is my Dictionary?

Looks good to me.

Ninth Sentence

   You are young.

Not bad either.

Tenth Sentence

   On Saturday I watch a film. (changed this completely as it was The  kid is

The I is wrong here like it was for ME before in "Do you love me?" and WATCH used means to look after rather than to leisurely watch.

Please feel free to criticise .. I am here to learn as well ;)

Thanks in advance
Marquita Formosa