The cat is white.  (CAT IT WHITE)

WHO IS THERE?  (WHO, head moves left and right to see who is coming

Do you love me?

He lives in America (HE LIVE THERE AMERICA; assuming the speaker is not in America, because if he was he would probably say "HERE in America")

Today the weather is sunny. (TODAY WEATHER WHAT(rh-q) SUNSHINE)

What is your name?  (YOU NAME WHAT)

My eyes are brown  (EYES MY(topic), BROWN)

Where is my dictionary? (DICTIONARY MY(topic) WHERE(wh-q)

You are young.  (YOURSELF YOUNG)

The kid is playing.  (KID HE (topic) PLAY+)

Sorry for the late response, been busy with remodeling new house, no computer access there...


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Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 6:37 AM
Subject: Re: For Marquita - ASL Thesis project using SignWriting


Thanks again Cherie,

The sentences are the following:

First Sentence

    The cat is white

Second Sentence

    Who is there?

Third Sentence

    Do you love me?

Fourth Sentence

    He lives in America

Fifth Sentence

    Today the weather is sunny

Sixth Sentence

    What is your name?

Seventh Sentence

    My eyes are brown.

Eighth Sentence

    Where is my Dictionary?

Ninth Sentence

    You are young.

Tenth Sentence

    The kid is playing.

Thanks in advance again,