Hi SignWriting List,

I was privileged to take part in the Wikimedia Hackathon in Amsterdam this year.  A three day event that covered all things Wikipedia and more.

At the beginning of the event, everyone introduced themselves and a big board was created that covered all of the people and topics.


My sticky for SignWriting is on the far right, second group from the end.

Before any language can have a new Wikipedia (or other project), it needs to start on Incubator and reach a certain level of activity.  Previously, it was impossible for Incubator to support sign languages, so a special server needed to be built on Wikimedia Labs for each sign language project. 

My main goal for the hackathon was to enable a SignWriting viewer on Incubator.  Mission accomplished!  Soon, we will start the transition from Wikimedia Labs to Incubator for the ASL Wikipedia Project.

I have been informed by the language committee that any sign language (with a valid language code) will be automatically approved for the Incubator now that this technology exists.  We still have lots of work to continue, but this basic level of support is enough to start.

Additionally, I have a user script available on the English Wikipedia that anyone can enable to view SignWriting on the English Wikipedia.

There were many people at the hackathon that were interested in and supportive of written sign language.  I was informed that the idea of SignWriting is supported throughout the Wikimedia organization and various committees.  Several people reviewed the technical basis of the project and approved of the design.  It was a very positive event and I'm deeply grateful I was able to attend.

Sometimes it seems like an overwhelming amount of work still needs to be completed, but today I celebrate the achievements that our team has made possible.