I couldn't view your attachments, but I was able to look in SignPuddle and find what you were referring to. I wrote 11 and 16 with a could of examples each. The first is how I would positions the symbols with the one that you had written with respect to the movement arrows. Even though the rotation arrows mean no traveling, the beginning and ending hands should be placed at the beginning and ending of the arrow as best as can be done. The second example is the same thing except I use a different movement symbol which makes it so that the beginning and ending read left to right. Since the movements are both the same, I have found that it is easier for people who are used to reading from left to right to read. The last two examples are using the idea of "fingerspelling" in that the change in palm orientation and handshape are enough to know what the in-between movements are. The first one is for horizontal writing and the last one is for vertical writing. I personally like the last example best. ;-)