Greeting Dr Stephen and All : 
From my understanding around the project : 
1- the SVG is used to draw signs as for example (fig2) 
2-  I should  do the FSW for each sign and also define its word in arabic as for example  (fig 1) where the user  when enter the FSW or the word in arabic , the sign is returned .
3- But here i do not understand  how to link among the SVG file (fig2) and the dictionary file (fig 1) .
thanks in advance

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Sent: Sunday, May 5, 2013 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: signwriting (swml file problem)

SignWriting List
May 5, 2013

Asmaa -
You told me that you are no longer doing avatar programming? What is your project now? Can you describe it to us? You are a student of programming and you need the metadata for something? What do you need it for now that you are not doing the avatar? Is it for a dictionary database outside of SignPuddle? Please describe your project, since we cannot know how to answer your questions if we do not understand what your task is…Many thanks ;-)

Val ;-)


On May 5, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Asmaa Shaban <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Ok thanks Dr Adam , i want to ask about metadata for example  "M528x546S14c18472x463S14c10503x454S2ea18481x511S2ea08513x501S2fd00494x540" , I Put this according to what???

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Subject: Re: signwriting (swml file problem)

My understanding is that cdt is the created time as in when the entry was created, mdt is the modified time as in when the entry was last modified, and usr is the user who created the entry. In this case, since there was no user signed in, the IP address is recorded instead of the user's name. I hope this helps. Correct me if I am wrong, Steve. ;-)


On May 5, 2013, at 3:07 AM, Asmaa Shaban wrote:

Greeting Dr Stephen,
For creating signwriting dictionary of Egypt or XML File , I Put for example:
 <entry id="2" cdt="1209196489" mdt="1210401228" usr=""> <term>M528x546S14c18472x463S14c10503x454S2ea18481x511S2ea08513x501S2fd00494x540</term>
<term><![ لغة الاشاره]]></term>
</entry> This Right??
But here Dr Stephen , I do not Know what is the mean by cdt , mdt & usr .
and also how to generate the shape of the sign that its metadata is "M528x546S14c18472x463S14c10503x454S2ea18481x511S2ea08513x501S2fd00494x540"
Thanks Much
Asmaa Shaban :)

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Subject: Re: signwriting (swml file problem)

Greeting Asmaa Shaban,

On 4/24/13 7:25 PM, Asmaa Shaban wrote:
we are students in computer science ,our faculty want from us to make project 
about text to sign language.

SignPuddle Online can convert Arabic text to written sign language using word substitution.

 we  want your helping in our project
we are making alot of searches
we are knowing our project require :_
1- vrml plugin and we installed it

VRML as in Virtual Reality Modeling Language for 3-d environment?  I've seen a couple working examples using SignWriting for 3-d modeling, but I believe HamNoSys is further along.

2-swml file and it is our problem we do not understand how to parse and insert it 
in relational database
Valerie is correct.  We no longer use SWML.  For each sign, rather than XML markup we are using word strings in ASCII, called Formal SignWriting (FSW).

Consider this sign.

Formal SignWriting: M518x529S14c20481x471S27106503x489

Equivalent SWML:

You can find the details of Formal SignWriting in draft-slevinski-signwriting-text.

Each dictionary in SignPuddle Online is available as an XML file.  Here is the source file for Saudi Arabia:

This XML files cross references the Arabic text with the written sign language.

3-how SVG use swml file for producing gif format ?
Rather than SWML, we use Formal SignWriting.

Rather than GIF, we use PNG or SVG.

Using the "SignWriting Icon Server" (SWIS), you can create the SVG or PNG from the Formal SignWriting.  You can use the public SWIS on Wikimedia Labs or you can install your own with the source from Github.

For the SVG, use a link like this:

For the PNG, use a link like this:

For the relational database, there is no reason to divide the Formal SignWriting.  Put the Arabic text in one field " الغة الاشرة" and put the Formal SignWriting in another field " M528x546S14c18472x463S14c10503x454S2ea18481x511S2ea08513x501S2fd00494x540".

and seriously thanks alot :)

Sure.  Hope I am able to help.  Ask questions and keep us informed.