From a programming standpoint, it looks like we need to be able to 
group several SignWriting entries under one lexeme.  The easiest way I 
can think of is create a Lexeme entry, then tag each related SignWriting 
entry with that lexeme entry.  Then it would be possible to print out a 
dictionary with SignWriting entries grouped by lexeme.

On 7/3/2013 7:38 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> Now as far as what Adam Schembri said about the German SignPuddle and 
> lexeme, Maria is right about Adam (and so is Adam). One of the reasons 
> that the SignPuddle dictionaries can't be considered dictionaries in 
> the linguistics sense is that there are multiple entries for the same 
> lexeme. (And lexeme has a very specific definition that doesn't 
> exactly mean what you were talking about, Charles). I personally think 
> that is just fine because we are not trying to be a dictionary in the 
> linguistics sense exactly. We might improve and become closer, but the 
> purposes are completely different.


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