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July 26, 2013

On Jul 25, 2013, at 7:49 AM, Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I will post more free options next message…

The second way that I offer free lessons in SignWriting, is direct contact with me, and with all of our teachers and software developers, here on the SignWriting List…

It works like this…

1. You have a question…how to write a specific sign?

2. Post your question to the List, showing us the movement in some way… perhaps you can create a video of the sign, and post it on YouTube and then post the YouTube link so we can see the sign, or perhaps you can try to write it and post the graphic image of your writing…or you can describe it with a paragraph of English or Portuguese and we can try to write it from your description...

3. Once we can see the sign here on the SignWriting List, then we all will answer you…showing you examples of how we would write the sign…

4. Since we know you are from Brazil, we will write our answers in the Brazilian SignPuddle Online…

Brazilian SignPuddle

5. Then I will post a link to my writing of the sign in SignPuddle, so you can see what I wrote…and you can give us feedback…we will learn together...

It is a lot of fun!

So Elen --- Have you written signs in SignPuddle Online?

Go to:

Brazilian SignPuddle

Open the Dictionary.

Register (scroll down to find the Register button)

Then Login with your new password ----

Then start writing - and if you have questions how to use the software - ask the questions on the SignWriting List -

Look forward to reading your written LIBRAS!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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