Hi Steve,
    The one that came to mind first was the area of the country where the sign is used. 
    How about whether or not the verb is  directional.  I think this piece of information could be important anyone piece of information.
    I am also thinking marking the verb's transitivity (whether the action is applied to another object)  but would be interested on other list member's point on view on this.
    What to the rest of you think of links to other entries for synonyms and antonyms?

    For Maria's number 4 below I think having a list of links to other related entries would be useful.

  I was also wondering, when I sign has several meanings, are going to put all definitions under the same entry or an entry with each with the SignWriting repeated?
  Will you be creating one database for all the puddles?  Or one per puddle?

Also when you finish this discussion, I would like to look over your proposed database schema, so I can give my 2 cents worth, if you are open to that.

On 7/2/2013 2:47 AM, maria galea wrote:
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Hi Steve,
I wish I could spend more time thinking about this, but can't just now.
What comes to mind as I read your email - is the following:

1) rather than 'dated', maybe use the term 'archaic' . I'm not sure whether 'slang' and 'informal' could be part of the same group..

2) also i would add a place where you can enter something about the variety of the language, where you can add information about the different regional/age dialects, and where the sign is used (e.g. court language, education etc).

3)perhaps a field where you can enter something about the etymology of the sign (where the sign originates from, if this is known).

4) Not sure whether this would go in a dictionary, but if you could have some additional area where you can input something further about the sign would be good, e..g you have inputted the frozen verb 'GIVE', if you could show (by adding photos/signwriting) how this is modified by means of pronominal affixing e.g. GIVE-ME/YOU etc..

5) Oh and one last thing..maybe having some space for an illustration - although not all dictionary entries would have that, still for concrete objects might be useful..

If you could somehow than create a nice document immediately from the Dictionary Puddle (where all entries and photos will be listed) for printing purposes, would be great.
And last thing - when you search for a sign could you avoid making it sensitive to capital/small letters...so that regardless of how it was written (whether in caps or small letters or  a mix) the sign would come up.

Good luck

On 1 July 2013 19:20, Stephen E Slevinski Jr <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi List,

Considering the dictionary entries, I will be making several additions and would like the general lists opinion on the following topics.

This will be used for the coming database conversion.  I will continue to support XML as an export/import format.


Language Codes:
    the design will include language codes for spoken and signed languages.

Terms, titles, and text segments can be labelled by language.


Part of Speech:

The part of speech can be a text field or a select list.  I am consider the following list.  Suggestions or comments are welcome.

adjective:  sign that gives attributes to nouns, extending their definitions.
adverb:  sign that modify clauses, sentences and phrases directly.
conjunction:  sign that connect words, phrases or clauses together.
interjection:  sign that express emotions, sounds, etc. as exclamation.
noun: sign that indicates people, beings, things, places, phenomena, qualities or ideas.
numeral:  sign that indicate quantities of nouns.
preposition: sign that describes the relationship of multiple nouns/pronouns in terms of time, distance, or location.
pronoun:  sign that refer to and substitute nouns.
verb:  sign that indicate actions, occurrences or states.


Lexicon usage

An interesting designation for dictionary signs.  Would this list usable by the various sign language puddles?

dated : sign that is no longer fashionable, but is anachronistic.
formal : sign whose use is typically restricted to polite, ceremonious, non-casual contexts.
informal : sign whose use is typically restricted to casual, non-ceremonious conversations.
pejoratives:  sign with negative connotations.
slang: nonstandard sign that are typically used to mark membership in a cultural subgroup.

Maybe add an additional lexicon usage such as "test" or "student" or "other" to help filter the SignPuddle content.


Additional fields for videos and photos will be added for use with definition, illustration, demonstration.

Thoughts or opinions?


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