I have some bingo cards somewhere in LIBRAS, Madson Barreto has a flashcard game. 

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Thanks my friend!

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Hi Elen,
    No I don't have anything specific for LIBRAS but what I
    mentioned below will let you use the LIBRAS signs from Sign Puddle
    in SignWriter Studio.


On 7/30/2013 8:45 AM, elen rose wrote:

>It`s great! 
>Well Jonathan, I`m student graduate course Pedagogia, and I`m studing Libras too, I`m stay in Intermediate I, and I want to do post graduation for teache in Libras. If you have appropriate methodologies for the teaching of pounds for children please send me!
>See you,
>Elen Rose
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>Hi Elen,
>    Yes everything on
            is free and donations are accepted.  
>You will see that with version 1.1 of SignWriter Studio you
            can now write documents.  If you want to import the signs
            from the Brazilian SignPuddle do this.
>In SignWriter Studio 
>	1. Create new SignWriter Studio file from the Dictionary window.
>	2. In Options set the sign language and gloss language
>	3. In Sign Puddle Export the Entire Puddle
>	4. In the SignWriter Studio in the Dictionary window, from the menu click File/Import and choose the file you just downloaded
In SignWriter Studio in the Dictionary in the Gloss Search type the word you are looking for or click the substring checkbox if you are typing only part of a word.
>On 7/29/2013 2:09 PM, Elen Rose wrote:
>Hello Jonathan!
I'm brazilian.
The dowloands you posted are free?
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