SignWriting List
August 6, 2013

Hi Elena!
Thank you for introducing yourself. Welcome to the SignWriting List.

And thank you for the SignWriting App!

One of our List members, Michael Utterback, found a tiny error that I assume can be easily fixed? - the Color Blue says "Bird" on the card instead of Blue - funny, huh?

That is why I am purchasing an iPad Mini - so I can test and use your SignWriting App… I know I will love using it -

And every project needs feedback to find the tiny typo errors - Maybe you can teach me how to fix the problem - is it really hard? Or do you or Jake need to do that?…

There is no rush…it is all good -

Val ;-)


On Aug 6, 2013, at 7:41 PM, Elena Eroshkin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Everyone!
> My name is Elena Eroshkin. I took part in the production of the SignWriting
> app together with Valerie Sutton, Adam Frost, and Jake Chasan. This app is a
> great tool for beginning students who want to perfect their SignWriting
> skills through flash cards and quizzes. So, if you have an iPad or an
> iPhone, please download this app for free: 
> You can easily share this app with classmates, friends, or other interested
> people!
> I hope you will enjoy this app!
> Elena Eroshkin