Oh I see the difference here. Charles' example is of "speed writing"; what I learned is actually shorthand. Entirely different.

Nancy Romero

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Thank you,
your example looks like what I started to do, but you have more skills!
It seems I am on the right track.  
I just need to become more fluent and learn to write without watching my pencil.

André Lemyre

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Here is a video of Lucinda Batch talking about how sign writing has changed. 

I found myself being able to follow her and sign myself very quickly from the subject matter. 

However, writing her signs quickly is a challenge. Here are 8 signs from a transcription. It is not perfect, but this is "hand" writing, not computer writing. 
Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.

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I will be starting soon my LSQ signing classes.
Do you have any documents on how to write signs fast to take notes during a class.
I found only a few examples on the web site...
If you have drafts...
André Lemyre