I've tried quickly writing signs when studying LIS two summers ago, and I think Adam's simplified handwriting would have helped me a lot.

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SignWriting List
August 27, 2013

Hello everyone!
Thank you for your messages about SignWriting Handwriting and Shorthand…

As you all know, they are two different aspects of writing by hand… There are actually three forms of writing by hand…

1. SW Printing…equivalent to writing block letters by hand in English - you try to write perfectly by hand, rather than writing in a cursive style…you "print" by hand so others can read your writing (as if they were reading a printed book)….

2. SW Handwriting…This is not Shorthand, but instead a quick way, for your own personal use, to write SW Printing (#1 above)…so you are still writing the same symbols, but shortening the way you write them so you can write faster..most of the time people can read your personal Handwriting too…

SW Handwriting was presented this summer on the last day (the 7th day) of the SW Workshop Near the Beach. It was in my home on a Sunday and not everyone could attend, but Adam and I put together a little SW Handwriting Workbook. Participants used it during the workshop. It is not finished. It is based on the Handwriting lessons on the web:

SignWriting Handwriting Workbook
12 pages of a future 30-page publication

SignWriting Handwriting Lessons on the Web

3. SW Shorthand…The Shorthand is, as Nancy described, using rolls of paper so we do not have to turn the page while writing at speed, watching someone sign - It was a well-developed writing system in the 1980's, but as the SignWriting Script changed over the decades, it fell out of use because the 1980's system is not well coordinated with the new changes in the general writing system - so we definitely need to update the old Shorthand book and post it, but I never get to that and meanwhile the Handwriting is slowly starting to be taught…

so the Shorthand is another issue that I look forward to working with people on, at a later date… There are several people who have their own Shorthand and we could work together to provide the world with a Shorthand manual too - I look forward to that - thank you to everyone and all you are doing to move this forward...

What do you all think of the 12-page manual for the Handwriting above? Feedback is welcome...

Val ;-)

Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Oberlin College