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August 10, 2013

Hello Eduardo, Stefan and Madson and everyone!

Thank you for your comments. And it is always good to hear from everyone. Isn't it wonderful that we have this forum to share with each other? I feel very blessed to know all of you. These conversations are good for SignWriting.

Actually Stefan, I love your writing! I have noticed that you write the Position of Contact beautifully. You write the hands very close to the Position of Contact and make it very visual for everyone to read immediately…so with or without a Touch Star your writing will be read and understood clearly.

The real point is that the Position of Contact needs to be written as best as possible. If the reader can see by the placement of the hands that they are near each other, or near the Face, then that is what really matters… Once the Position of Contact is well written, then the Touch Star is like an after-thought because you can see that there is contact through the position itself…

For those who may not know about the Position of Contact, it is explained on this web page:

Position of Contact

For beginners I can see the Touch Star might feel like a reinforcement needed to understand the sign…But actually signs can be understood even if they do not Touch completely…for example in these attached examples of writings for the sign for BOOK - the sign can be done without completely touching and still will be understood…I can read all of these writings for example…they all look like BOOK to me:

The one with the Touch Star is no more clear for me that the other writings - they are all clearly wanting the hands to be close to each other…and the sign could be understood if they do not touch 100 per cent…

I will write another message about Madson's logo, which is a fascinating example of how discussing SignSpellings is valuable for all of us…

So see next message -

Val ;-)