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August 14, 2013

Hello Deborah!
Thank you for this message. Happy to hear from you - I am glad you are enjoying SignWriting -

Since you are studying at The Crown College of the Bible, and are interested in Bible translations in ASL… I hope you have already visited these spots?

ASL Bible Books

ASL Bible Dictionary

Beautiful work by Nancy Romero and the Deaf Shores Church in Michigan - thank you!

And I am sure you know about this newly printed book, the complete Gospel According to John in ASL, translated from the NLT by Nancy Romero?

NEW BOOK: Gospel According to John in ASL
In Four Formats:

PDF (71.6 mb)

Keynote (85.8 mb)

PowerPoint (174.9 mb) (this is a very large file)

Purchase Printed Book

I love the printed book…it is perfect bound and blue and white - truly lovely ;-)

And yes, as you say, SignWriting is bigger than any one of us…

Of course you are right we need ASL translations of the terminology I asked about - but at this moment I am asking about the English terminology, because I am working on posting new documents related to learning SignWriting…I too would like to have truly bi-lingual web sites… so thank you for the thought...

I guess, for simplicity's sake, I will use the following terminology…reading a document in SignPuddle Online is an "online document".…I will not worry about how the online web pages are programmed ;-)

And regarding workshops - I think Skype would be a great solution for you. Or, if you know of a group that would like to have a teacher, then we can arrange for a teacher to come to your group…

Thanks for writing, Deborah -

Val ;-)


On Aug 13, 2013, at 6:51 PM, Wadde9 <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Val, 
> My name is Deborah Waddell.  I am an ASL student at The Crown College of the Bible in Knoxville, TN.
> First of all, I want to tell you how greatful I am that I stumbled upon SignWriting.  I am studying to become a Bible Translator for the Deaf around the world and I am seriously considering using SignWriting in my translation work.  
> I have been observing this forum for a long time by means of email and I am excited to see so much open debate and dialogue.  Truely, SignWriting is a bigger than any one of us.  
> That being said, ASL is a completely seperate language (as you know).  My question to you is, do you also mean to ask what is the best way to direct someone to read the SignPuddle in ASL or are you only asking how to express this in English?  You have a few responses which answer this question from an English perspective, but if you intended to ask also for the ASL perspective, I would be happy to inquire with the Deaf Community to give you some feedback.  I'm asking because I wasn't clear on which you were asking.
> Also, I have a question for you.  Does anyone ever offer classes on SignWriting on the east coast?  I am interested in taking a class next summer but the distance to California and the expense of the trip might be too much for me right now.
> God Bless! 
> Deborah Waddell
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