Hi friends!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will travel for *Vitoria da Conquista*, city of the
state of *Bahia*.

We will do *workshops for deafs and hearing* of the *Universidade Estadual
do Sudoeste da Bahia (UESB) *-
(State University of Southwest Bahia). This workshops is only a group, not
is open for all.

But Raquel will do a *workshop with deaf children* (in School), *speech for
teachers and*
*educational professionals* about the important of the SignWriting on
Bilingual Deaf Education.

After in Thursday, *Raquel will speech* for approximately 150 people in
celebration for the National Deaf's Day (September, 26th). The speech have
like title:
*"SignWriting: the writing of the Brazilian Sign Language - Libras"...*

You can see the Website of this event:

See below the Folder Event:

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By the way, this week we got *10.000 likes in our FanPage* on Facebook:
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Best regards,

*Madson and Barreto