On 9/3/13 10:12 AM, Fabrizio Borgia wrote:
> Dear all,
> SWift is partially Flash based (we are gradually switching to 
> HTML-JS), it was developed on Mac, but it works best with Firefox 
> (best option) and Chrome.

> SWift and the other three programs use different ISWA, this is 
> correct, but SWift has been built to SWitch from one ISWA to another 
> without heavy conversion costs, in term of time. A bi-directional 
> conversion is indeed possibile, but the script is to be done yet.

I am glad a conversion is possible.  Very useful.

> As for the cartesian coordinates - yes we use cartesian coordinates, 
> do you mean for the glyph positioning (and of course during the sign 
> save phase)? If so, yes, we use Cartesian coordinates.
Good to know.  Thanks.

> I am keen on adapting SWift to freely exchange data with your 
> software, can you provide me with some details?

Currently, SignPuddle Online only exports data.  Each sign collection 
(puddle) is available as an XML file, currently SPML v1.6.  I am 
updating the SPML version to 3.0.  The documentation will start 
appearing on soon.

The design of the individual signs is documented in 
draft-slevinski-signwriting-text.  Currently version "01".

I am currently working on a public API that will allow easier data 
exchange to read and write SignPuddle data.

Nice to meet you Fabrizio.  I plan on attending Val's 2014 international 
event as well.