On Sep 8, 2013, at 2:41 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Looking at your document Nancy – I have a question. (Same question goes to Adam  ;-)) )
 I tried to rewrite your sentence with the US- SignPuddle Dictionary. I do not get the same signs this way. Does this mean that you write this kind of document from scratch with SignText?   

I generally write from scratch with SignText, although there are times that I will use the translate feature for some bases and then edit it in SignText to match how I would sign something.

Now a discussion apart from SignWriting and spelling...
Both of you (Nancy and Adam)  write a sign for “with” –mh –   (Maybe just because Maria asked for a sentence including this  “with”)
Do not know ASL but  here is my question – from my point of idea “with” is kind of  “with a pen” or “with my friend”    or...”with the delegs Editor” but “written with (????) SignWriting?
I am looking forward to your answers.
All best

Like I said in my original email, I am not sure how I would truly sign this sentence if I were with my friends and trying to convey the same thought. Yes, the signing of WITH is influenced by the original sentence having the word "with" in it. I went with it because I felt that it would be understood by most as to what is meant. (But that is also because most ASL users that I know are bilingual, especially the Deaf ones.) I might do another attempt at the sentence now that I have seen Cherie's writing and had some time to think it over.