I am just a hearing beginner, but when I add a sign in LSQ dictionnary, I try to respect if the hand is in diagonal with the body.
In my mind, hands are perpendicular or parallel, but when I copy a video of a deaf person or when I sign, often, hands are in diagonal.  This is because of physiological comfort.
Each time I write a hand shape in diagonal, it feels more aesthetic and more authentic.
Details are what make a difference for me.
André Lemyre
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 22:28:32 +0200
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Subject: AW: help with writing an ASL sentence for an academic paper
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Hi Cherie and everybody, 

-hm  - smile – same
thing with your spelling of „write“ 



In this case you inform
us, that you intend to express your idea ...”in signwriting I write down in columns, and so the same on
my palm.”


I have difficulty to
perform your sign ...  left hand parallel to the floor palm up. Right hand
parallel to the wall – back of hand to the right, moving back several
times while index-thumb unit brushes the left palm. 


All best 








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Betreff: Re: help with writing an
ASL sentence for an academic paper



SENTENCE is added to give THIS some context.  THIS alone felt all
stranded, like a classifier without a referent.  WITH doesn't feel right
to me.  It is actually the same sign as TOGETHER, and in this context it
isn't about being 'with' something it is about what method is used to convey
it, so I went with HOW as a rhetorical.  I almost added WHATrhq after THIS
SENTENCE, but decided one rhetorical was enough...




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Sent: Saturday, September 7, 2013
7:41 PM

Subject: help with writing an ASL
sentence for an academic paper


Dear list
members particularly ASL users,


A friend of
mine who happens to be a linguist in the field of writing systems of the world
is hoping to include the mentioning of SignWriting as a writing system of the
world, and he has asked if someone could translate the following sentence into
ASL SignWriting:


is an American sign language example written with SignWriting "


If you
could add sign-to-meaning correspondences, syntactic factors, and lexical
selection considerations would be helpful for him.


you! It would be great if SignWriting makes its way into the academic field of
writing systems, so thank you very much for helping out with this (i can't do
it myself, because I'm not an ASL user)


regards to everyone!