SignWriting List
September 20, 2013

Report from Val's Desk September 20, 2013

Dear SW List Members -
I have been trying to catch up with all the remarkable messages on the SignWriting List!  Ha! That does not seem possible ;-)

Like wild horses running down a beach, we are galloping ahead full steam!

Isn't it exciting to see the reading and writing of sign languages take off like this? I feel really blessed …

So what do I have to do?


1. I need to answer those 10 questions on the SW List, and to also comment on other people's excellent answers ;-)

2. I need to list all of the dissertations, theses and other projects on SignWriting, for Maria's dissertation. I will post this listing to the SignWriting List. There are so many, it is absolutely amazing…

3. I want very much to answer Jonathan's questions for his software searching.

4, And I want to answer your question, Stefan, in a way that will maybe finally help, but it may not…but we can try…maybe I should make a short video in English to try to explain … I think if we could be in the same room with each other it would help too - I hope you can come to the Symposium?

5. and then there is the SignWriting Symposium - I am still working on the exact rooms & space & equipment….And of course I have the fund raising aspect of this…and we have been brainstorming how it will be scheduled - there will be basically four different venues: Papers & Presentations, SW Workshops, Wikipedia Hackathon, and an Online participation. I hope we will fully video the conference and post the presentations online and also publish a PDF of the written proceedings.

What is a Hackathon? Steve or Gerard will explain this better than I, but it is where programmers and wiki-skilled developers work together to get the software working so we can all write articles in written sign languages!!

6. And while we are on that subject, there will soon be two new articles in our ASL Wikipedia…articles on USA presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln - they will be posted in our test area in a few weeks - 

ASL Wikipedia on Wikimedia Labs

ASL Wikipedia Project on Wikimedia Labs

Val ;-)