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September 4, 2013

Hello Melinda!
Thank you for responding.

The translation program on SignPuddle is dependent on an ASL dictionary written in SignWriting. If you search for a word that is not in the ASL dictionary, it cannot translate it then…

Do you know ASL? Do you know the sign for "arbituary" or perhaps "obituary"? I do not know the sign for "obituary" myself.

And it is not in the ASL dictionary yet….So that word cannot be translated automatically.

Want to tell us the sentences you wish to translate? Maybe someone here on the SignWriting List will be willing to donate their time to help you write it in ASL…without using our automatic translated system - they can instead write it for you directly in ASL as a translator...

Anyone who knows ASL may be able to help you here - So write again and tell us what you want to translate…

Val ;-)


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> how do I translate words like arbituary and iconic words in ASL?
> melinda