Hello Valerie, hello SignWriting List!

Am 29.08.2013 23:04, schrieb Valerie Sutton:
> Is there a way to change the entire web site to English? or the User 
> Interface to English, and not just ASL? I bet you already told us 
> this…smile…

Yes, there is a way. :) If you visit our project homepage and click on the button "delegs international" (on 
the left side) you will find a project description in english an the 
direct link to the english interface of the delegs editor:

When creating a new document by clicking the "New" Button (top left 
corner) you can also choose a different sign language like BSL, DGS or 
other supported sign languages.

Don't hesitate to ask further questions or provide feedback. We are 
always happy to help!

Greeting from Germany
Joachim Nitschke
(Software developer for the delegs team)

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