On 10/14/13 3:53 AM, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> just curious.... is there a way to support you that it would not take 
> too much of your precious time to adapt the fingerspelling in the 
> German Signpuddle to our hand shapes? What do you want me to offer ...?
Hi Stefan,

I would be happy to support German Fingerspelling.  All I need is the 
letters entered into the dictionary so that I can find them.

For ASL, Adam added "Fingerspelling" to the text for all of the letters. 
Easy to find.

Once I have a list of the letters, I will take the time to re-center the 
letters so that they align properly.  Then I will update FingerSpeller 
to allow for a choice of fingerspelling variety.




Valerie Sutton
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