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October 9, 2013

Hello SignWriting List!
There is a lot happening with SignWriting around the world, and also behind the scenes here in our organization, the Center for Sutton Movement Writing.

One "happening" is the expansion of our ASL Wikipedia. As you know, at the moment it is a test project on Wikimedia Labs  but someday we hope that our ASL Wikipedia will become an official part of

On September 27, 2013, I announced here on the SignWriting List that we had 22 articles. Well, in just this short time, Nancy Romero has translated, written and added 9 more articles! The articles are ASL translations of the equivalent article in the English Wikipedia. And Adam Frost is working on adding these articles to the front page directory with photos etc. Even though this is a work in progress, you can access each article on its own right now, by following the links below… Many thanks to Nancy and Adam for the gift of your work … it is exciting to see the ASL Wikipedia grow ;-)

ASL Wikipedia Project on Wikimedia Labs

31 ARTICLES IN THE ASL WIKIPEDIA, as of October 9, 2013

Helen, Georgia

ASL Wikipedia Project on Wikimedia Labs



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