Hi Steve,


I just made sure that all the letters we need a included in the German SignPuddle - without mouthing ;-)


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In the end you find these "Umlaute" = , , and the ss, and sch


Thanks for your attention and never ending energy to support us.

I feel very grateful


All best Stefan


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Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013 00:39
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Cc: Stefan Woehrmann
Betreff: Re: AW: The return of fingerspelling to SignPuddle


On 10/14/13 3:53 AM, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

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just curious.... is there a way to support you that it would not take too much of your precious time to adapt the fingerspelling in the German Signpuddle to our hand shapes? What do you want me to offer ...?

Hi Stefan,

I would be happy to support German Fingerspelling.  All I need is the letters entered into the dictionary so that I can find them.

For ASL, Adam added "Fingerspelling" to the text for all of the letters.  Easy to find.

Once I have a list of the letters, I will take the time to re-center the letters so that they align properly.  Then I will update FingerSpeller to allow for a choice of fingerspelling variety.




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