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October 25, 2013

Hello Charles and Edi!
Thanks again to you both -

I noticed that Charles said it was perfect, but still had a question…and I also have a question. Is the hand sitting on top of the other one? If so, I would write it this way (see attached file... at the bottom of the file is my version), following the SignSpelling Rule, the Position of Contact rule. I have placed my writing of the sign in the Slovenian SignPuddle, under BREG for HILL:,2274&sTrm=breg&type=any&sTxt=&sSrc=&

I wrote the left hand from the Front View, and placed the other hand on top of it. Following the Position of Contact rule, I took away the single Touch Star…

For more information about the Position of Contact SignSpelling Rule, go to:

Regarding the hand on the diagonal plane, we used to write with that a lot, but in recent times, have found that the information in the Movement Arrow is enough to show the diagonal, and the hand symbol itself does not have to be that accurate…so the hand symbol without the horizontal line across it would have been enough to show the diagonal hill, because the information of the diagonal is in the Movement Symbol that follows… but it is not wrong to place the horizontal bar on the hand - simply too much detail (perhaps) for daily use…

See attached -


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