On 11/4/13, 6:50 AM, Fabrizio Borgia wrote:
> Dear Valerie,
> we are absolutely in no rush, since we are still developing the OGR 
> engine, and it is still far from complete.
> As soon as the new material arrives, I'll be happy to run some tests 
> and show you the result!

Hi Fabrizio,

Thanks for keeping us posted.  What results have you had from computer 
printed material?

Would it be possible to print a page from the American Sign Language 
Wikipedia (SVG) and use Optical Glyph Recognition to identify the 
symbols used?

Simple math would identify their 2-dimensional placement.  It sounds 
like it would be possible to create Formal SignWriting strings from a 
scan.  The strings wouldn't be exactly the same as the input, but 
searching in SignWriting doesn't require exact string matches.  This is 
very exciting.




Valerie Sutton
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