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November 7, 2013

Hello Steve and Edi -
As you can see below, Edi attached a listing of the Slovenian Manual Alphabet written in SignWriting in a Word Document…

However, Edi, I notice there are some you did not know how to write? If you show us the movement or position with a video or a photo or a drawing, attach it to the SignWriting List and we can help teach you how to write those hand positions and movements - once we have a complete Slovenian Manual Alphabet in SignWriting, then Steve can build the FingerSpeller program for Slovenia in SignPuddle…

I will answer your first question, Edi, tomorrow - Thank you for asking questions to the List - and by the way, there should be a way for you to attach graphics directly to the SignWriting List…you do not have to use Microsoft Word… for example, here are your Slovenian Fingerspelling symbols taken from the Word document…but I made them in PNG format…



Valerie Sutton
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