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We may be interested in starting an LSM wikipedia in the near future.  Is it easy to paste from SignPuddle to Wikipedia?
Hi Maria,

We are using the FSW strings.   Material that is written in SignPuddle can be copied and pasted directly into Wikipedia.  Anywhere you find the FSW strings being used, you can copy and paste the ASCII strings directly into Incubator as you would with any other language.

Editing with the ASCII strings is a bit rough, but we we are getting better all of the time.

The biggest challenge is the page names.   For any page on Incubator, the page names must use less than 255 characters.  For properly sortable SignWriting, this means that only 13 symbols can be used.  The page names are used in the URL of the page.

For example, here is the "Main page" for the ASL Wikipeida on Incubator.

Maria, I hope you and many others will join the Mexican Sign Language Wikipedia efforts on Incubator.

Incubator uses the ISO 639-3 language codes for new languages. Mexican Sign Language uses the code "mfs".

If you scroll to the bottom of the above Wikipedia page, you'll see the link to Incubator.

On 11/8/13, 3:55 AM, maria galea wrote:
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We have a few translated children's story books in SignPuddle - could we transport them to Wikibooks in the future?
Copy the FSW strings from SignPuddle and paste into Wikibooks.  Mexican Sign Language can start the Wikibooks project any time.



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