Official Publication of AASCIT is AASCIT Communications
Communications Encompass All Aspects of AASCIT Designated Fields
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Further Information
The AASCIT Communications provide important information on industry advancements and professional development to those involved in AASCIT designed fields. Each issue gives significant attention to comprehensive topics, to ensure well-rounded coverage. The Communications is a non-periodical publication and combines short columns with longer feature articles. It is freely available Online.
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Submission Details
AASCIT will publish AASCIT communications. Authors should cover either new developments in AASCIT designed fields or in-depth technically oriented subjects. Major features should have broad appeal. Authors can publish your reports/ introductions of projects you were part of and you can express your personal opinions/ ideas/ understandings on your research fields. Authors can also publish the new results or trends in your research fields. Authors are not required to be association members. The AASCIT Communications predominantly publishes original manuscripts. However, in some cases, finished manuscripts also will be considered. There is no charge for the publication in AASCIT Communications.

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