Hi all,
    What do the head viewpoints with top missing represent?

Image Symbol ID Symbol Code Symbol Key Unicode PUA UTF-8
04-01-001-01-01-01 49057 S2ff00 U+FDA2F, U+FD810, U+FD820 ��� Head
04-01-001-01-01-02 49058 S2ff01 U+FDA2F, U+FD810, U+FD821 ��� Head turned  to right (dark line is back of head)
04-01-001-01-01-03 49059 S2ff02 U+FDA2F, U+FD810, U+FD822 ��� Looking at face
04-01-001-01-01-04 49060 S2ff03 U+FDA2F, U+FD810, U+FD823 ��� Head turned  to left(dark line is back of head)
04-01-001-01-02-01 49073 S2ff10 U+FDA2F, U+FD811, U+FD820 ��� Don't know what this means
04-01-001-01-02-02 49074 S2ff11 U+FDA2F, U+FD811, U+FD821 ��� Don't know what this means
04-01-001-01-02-03 49075 S2ff12 U+FDA2F, U+FD811, U+FD822 ��� Don't know what this means
04-01-001-01-02-04 49076 S2ff13 U+FDA2F, U+FD811, U+FD823 ��� Don't know what this means


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