Hello list,
     One of the users of SignWriter Studio pointed out to me that some 
symbols are repeated.  See attached.  Of course they look exactly the 
same and therefore will be read the same.  I imagine that they just 
didn't get plucked out last time the ISWA was edited or were left in so 
that the rotation of the symbols flow nicely from one to the next.
   But it could be a little disconcerting for someone who is just 
learning SignWriting.  If they both look alike then, it is easy to start 
wondering why there are two and when they should use one or the other.
     The same issue exists in SignPuddle because we use the same font 

So I want to ask you on the list what you think about removing them or 
leaving them in ISWA2020 when the ISWA symbols are updated.

And if I where to show only one in SignWriter Studio when creating 
signs, which should I show.  I am thinking leaving the first one.





Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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