On 5/30/14, 5:46 PM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> Hello list,
>     One of the users of SignWriter Studio pointed out to me that some 
> symbols are repeated.

There are 2 reasons that symbols with the same meaning will repeat. The 
first is due to completion of rows and columns (symbol key validity).  
The second is due to variation compatibility.

1) Symbols repeat for the completion of rows and columns.  Because of 
column 2, row 5 is valid.  Because row 5 is valid, all valid columns 
must have a symbol in that row.

2) Variation compatibility. The symbol grid below has a variation. The 
variation (04-01-010-02) uses all 16 rotations, so it requires that 
(04-01-010-01) has all 16 rotations as well.


> So I want to ask you on the list what you think about removing them or 
> leaving them in ISWA2020 when the ISWA symbols are updated.
For the ISWA 2010, these repeated symbols are valid and will stay in the 

> And if I where to show only one in SignWriter Studio when creating 
> signs, which should I show.  I am thinking leaving the first one.
That would be fine, however you may encounter data that contains the 
symbols you do not show.




Valerie Sutton
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