Hi Val and everyone,
Please have a look at Frosty the Snowman:
You’ll notice that the sign text is at the top of the screen and that the video is at the bottom of the screen. I like that.
First, I wrote a sign text of the LSQ poem (number 1 to 10) called “Gomme” (Gum) on the literature SignPuddle (Quebec flag).
Click on:http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle2.0/searchword.php?ui=4&sgn=81&sid=245&sTrm=Gomme&type=any&sTxt=&sSrc=&
Then, I filmed my LSQ poem using my webcam and I put it on YouTube.
Click on: http://youtu.be/yZDJI0mAi5k
Val, would you be so kind to me as to put my YouTube into the literature SignPuddle (Gomme), just like Frosty the Snowman above? 
Thank you, and best regards,


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