Hi Claudia, Maria, Fabrizio,
    Thank you for your presentations today.  Very interesting.  Thank you for your good work with SWORD and SWIFT.  I had a few questions for you but was not able to ask them and get answers due to time limitations.

So here they are.

What is SWIFT program licensed under?
At what stage of programing is SWIFT at? Alpha, Beta, or Production?
Where can we download SWIFT?
Where is the best place to get a concise explanation of the reclasification of the symbols and the rules?
Is ISWA Bianchini available for other programs to implement?
Can the puppet be implemented in other programs?
How are ad hoc glyphs encoded? Several ISWA Bianchini codes with positon, etc? Can user create new ad hoc glyphs?
Can the ad hoc glyph be saved to be added to signs written latter?

Thanks once again.


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