Hi Charles,
     Thank for this explanation, it makes things much clearer.  I agree 
it will be a work in progress, I will let you know when I have something 
to show you.  Keep me posted on how things are going on your end.


2. What figure (See the individual chapters)?  I need more explanation 
about this one. (Which of the hand shapes in the Group, there are more 
than 20 under Group 1. That's what I mean by "figure". A Group contains 
many "figures". Those individual figures are already ordered in the 
SignPuddle, I am not changing the order of their introduction, I am 
starting by Group, then Figure, then Orientation, then Rotation.) I was 
not going to repeat a breakdown by Figure in the introduction, that 
would take up as much space as the entire SignPuddle, I  was trying to 
save that for each chapter, which goes solely by GROUP for now.  Look at 
the top of Chapter 1 and you will see all of the Figures in Group 1. The 
index finger (the first one) then goes through all of the Orientations, 
etc. in the first column. I used representative samples, not exhaustive.

This was an Introduction for ONE conference, not exhaustive for all 
things. I plan to follow the sequence as presented in the SignPuddle for 
input, as closely as possible, when one is going through any of the 
groups beyond the hand shapes.

I am sorry that I was not more explicit, one has to start somewhere.

Charles Butler
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