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August 13, 2014

OK.  There is the world of software, that has many users - software may need to be flexible

There seem to be two needs…

1. There is the need for sorting sign-dictionaries and sign-vocabulary lists

2. There is the need for sorting for sign-liguistics characteristics - for linguistic databases

That is why Steve developed the flexible SignSpelling Column feature in SignPuddle...So writers can choose the sequence they want to sort with…

In SignPuddle, when someone asks for a group of signs and they are listed…what order are they listed? If the writer of the signs has entered a SignSpelling Sequence for each sign, those signs are placed first in the list and are sorted by the sequence stipulated by the writer…any other signs in the list that do not have a SignSpelling stipulated, are listed after, and are in a guessed order …I think that is the way the software works ;-)

Here is how I personally see sorting signs for dictionaries…I started a 2010 book, but never finished it, but here is the 2008 booklet -

SignSpelling Guidelines 2008



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