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August 14, 2014

Hello Anny and Maureen -
I am so glad to see interest in this new game SIGNMATCH!

I can see the cards laminated (plastic protection) in the attached photo of Anny - great to see you again Anny!

... and that the cards do not show any words from a spoken language. So the only languages that need to be translated are sign languages.

I hope every sign language will have their version of SIGNMATCH -

Who is “game” to do this in your sign language?

Val ;-)


On Aug 14, 2014, at 3:53 AM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


the best thing to do would be to chose 57 sign from your british sign language adapted for your pupils.... and then "create the game on the same model

I did'nt include the words in the game ... (they figure on my excel document.... so that people understand how I proceeded to create the game) there are 8 signs (wirtten in signwriting) on each card (no french or english word)

at the end the game only contains 57 cards (look at the picture below)
I printed every card on coloured paper  and "plastified" it 

there's a way to do the same game with 6 signs on each card if you prefer...
let me know if you have any more questions



Le 14 août 2014 à 12:37, Maureen Doyle a écrit :

HI .Is it possible to add the English  Words  for this game.. ? 

Even though  some  signs  will be different  to those  of British... some will be the same  
and therefore  a  reat game  for  me  to use  for the children  who attend  our  classes
in introduce SignWriting..
We are  a Childrens University  approved  destitation to learn new skills..




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