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August 15, 2014

Hello Jonathan, Charles, Steve, Adam and André, and everyone -

Thank you for your many messages - I have to go back and read every message carefully about the SignSpelling and sorting, because there are so many details to ponder and then I will tell you some of my personal experiences sorting dictionaries…including before SignPuddle, back in 2002, when Todd Duell, a Filemaker database designer, and myself, designed SignBank 2002 - it was a database that produced PDFs of dictionaries sorted by Sign-Symbols - we learned a lot from that experience and it may or may not be useful to you - but I can at least share it with you and you can take it or leave it ;-)

I appreciate all your input everyone, and thanks again Charles for your Presentation 10:

Presentation 10

It may take me a day or two before I can get to this - thanks for your patience -

Val ;-)


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