On 9/2/14, 11:19 AM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>      A popular example of the icon font called font awesome 
Hi Jonathan,

I've worked with Font Awesome and I've been tempted to investigate how 
it is developed.  SignWriting should be so easy and impressive.

I liked your write up about the font issues.

For CSS, you may be interested in the ISWA 2010 Font Reference 1.9 
release of late last month.  I didn't announce it to the list because I 
don't have the demo page finished, but I refactored the SVG Refinement 
for size, consistency, and CSS class names of sym-line and sym-fill.  It 
is the best ISWA 2010 yet and ready for these types of future developments.

If you want the SVG on the button to have a red line, you would use the 
CSS rule.  The demo page will have working examples, but this should be 
close to the CSS rules.

#button svg g path.sym-line {

Regarding file size, the ISWA 2010 SVG Refinement can be reduced to a 
1.1 MB zipped data file.  This is 33% smaller than the ISWA 2010 SVG 
Refinement Refactored (1.63 MB) when both are zipped.

Here's the first line of the new ISWA 2010 SVG Refinement font data 
file. It is based on entire ISWA 2010 symbols, rather than symbol 
parts.  Every symbol of the ISWA 2010 is on a separate line.

S10000    <g><path d="M13,0l2,0l0,15l-2,0z" class="sym-line" /><path 
d="M0,15l15,0l0,15l-15,0z" class="sym-line" /><path 
d="M2,17l11,0l0,11l-11,0z" fill="#ffffff" class="sym-fill" /></g>

Loaded into an SQLite Database, the latest font is 2.1 MB zipped and 32 
MB unzipped.




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