Hi Jonathan,

A promising emerging technology is being developed called "SVG glyphs 
for OpenType fonts".  This will include colored and/or animated glyphs 
in OpenType fonts.

In theory, we can load the ISWA 2010 symbols as a 2-color font using the 
above specification.  The resulting font file will not handle the 
2-dimensional placement, but it will be able to be installed on the 
client side.  The resulting font would support the entire symbol set of 
the ISWA 2010.

In theory, we could load the current symbol SVGs into a font that would 
support the Unicode specification being published next year. The 
resulting file would be 2 to 6 MB.

If this worked, it would be a viable alternative to an image server for 
SignWriting.  The 2-dimensional placement of symbols would be handled 
with HTML and CSS on the client side.

In particular, the Incubator project would need to be rewritten to 
position the individual symbols rather than request a completed sign, 
but it would save a lot of bandwidth because we wouldn't need to 
download the SVGs for each new signs.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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