Hi list,

Next year, the Unicode 8 specification will include the SignWriting 
symbols as described in the ISWA 2010.

I'm hoping we can have a Unicode 8 specific font available before the 
official release next year.

1: SignWriting Fonts Test Page
Once we have a font created for the SignWriting symbols in Unicode 8, we 
can test it against this page.

2: Data File of Unicode Strings to SVG Glyphs
On the above test page, I have a 1.1 MB zipped data file of Unicode 
strings  to SVG Glyph definition.  One glyph per line.  The 37,811 
glyphs will easily fit into a 16-bit font.  In theory, the automation of 
an OpenType Font with SVG Glyphs should be possible. I've put together a 
small write-up on a typography forum.




Valerie Sutton
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