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September 9, 2014

Hello everyone -

A few weeks after the Symposium, I had a private FaceTime conversation with Dr. Marianne Stumpf in Brazil. It was wonderful to have a conversation with Marianne, and I learned a lot from her ;-)

Hello Marianne ;-)

Marianne tells me that there are researchers interested in SignWriting in Brazil, and I believe I understood Marianne to say that if we possibly could have more focused meetings together for one country and one sign language, with a smaller group, on a more regular basis, in Brazil for example, that the SignWriting research and projects will flourish and grow faster…

So I have been thinking about this idea…

Of course we can still have larger meetings like another SignWriting Symposium in summer, 2015…but before that time…we could, in Google Hangouts…have just enough people who can fit in the small boxes at the bottom of the screen in a "SignWriting Panel Discussion” that would be broadcast live for others to see on YouTube…

Maybe four presenters plus the moderator (me) and interpreters and technicians…so at most there would be 8 people involved in one SignWriting Panel Discussion on Google Hangouts…broadcast live and recorded on YouTube…we could create a Theme or Topic for each Panel Discussion in advance...

What do you all think about this idea of focused panel discussions?

Val ;-)

PS. I am writing a grant and will be back on the List in a couple of days —— Look forward to reading your ideas as to what is valuable for the world -



Valerie Sutton
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