Hi Steve and everyone,

I am not a computer expert, nor a programmer, nor a computer repair

Charles Bulter and I have asked a question (a keyboard) before. If the SW
symbol font is ready, will we be able to use a keyboard for SW sign
languages (not for spoken languages)?

Val, I know that you will answer this: “Should we learn a SW-Box Dos if we
can use a keyboard for SW sign languages?” I am sorry to say that I am not
really interested in learning SW-Box Dos.
However, I intend to learn how to use a keyboard in SignPuddle in the
future. Otherwise, I will lose motivation if I can only use a mouse for SW
sign language (SignPuddle).
For many years now, Steve has been a hard worker improving for us many
computer features and functions, which is great and praiseworthy. Thanks a
lot, Steve!

Best regards,


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écrit :

>Hi SignWriting List,
>I've been busy working with the ISWA 2010 Font Reference. I just
>released version 1.10.
>It is a vast collection of ISWA 2010 data available in a variety of
>formats such as PNG, PBM, SVG, TXT, and TTF.
>I'm happy to announce the availability of 150 MB of new compressed and
>refined SVG files for the ISWA 1010. There are 37,811 line glyphs and
>25,429 fill glyphs, available in 4 styles: as Unified SVG (2 color), as
>Line SVG, as Fill SVG (white), and as Fill SVG (black). Every style has
>either 37,811 glyphs because it includes the line or it has 25,429
>glyphs because it is fill only. The individual SVG files are named after
>the symbol key and available in one of 12 different zipped directories.
>This is prep work for the new TrueType outline conversion. I should be
>able to create 2-color fonts in a variety of formats that can be
>downloaded and installed, or streamed over the internet for viewing
>without installation. People who install the font locally will decrease
>their internet traffic by 96%. Instead of a page size of 1.1 MB of
>streamed SVGs or TTFs, the page will include 36 KB of FSW text.
>Once the new font files are loaded with the TrueType outlines, I will
>need to map those glyphs onto a set of characters. Using Open Type
>features, I have put together 3 more text files, each is over 1 MB. The
>feature files map a set of strings onto the glyphs in the font. Each
>file contains a different set of target strings. There is one for FSW
>symbol keys, another for Unicode 8, and a final set for Unicode PUA.
>Regardless of our character set choice, we should be able to utilize a
>client side font and reduce our network traffic by 96%.
>All of these files are available on the ISWA 2010 Font Reference in the
>Symbol Font Development section.
>I am hoping to have the new font files available soon. I am making
>progress with FontForge and python scripting. I will keep you posted.
>Valerie Sutton
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