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    Thank you for all your support and I know you have a lot on the go.   So I just want you to know that I appreciate your help very much.  I am also happy to see that you are being balanced with the energy you have and all of your many responsabilities by not participating in all conversations on the list.
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Regarding your question Jonathan, I am afraid I don’t understand the question - Can you ask it again in a very simple message?

Adam answered the way I might have answered. Adam is correct that is the detailed location is touching the palm of the hand or the tip of a finger then the symbols he shows below would be the detailed location.

There are not many examples of these Syllable 4 signs because from my personal research people didn’t lookup under Syllable 4 very much - it was rarely needed at all - most people look up by simple hand symbol and palm facing and that is it - and if they need a little more then they look up by movement symbol connected to the first hand symbol - but the location lookups are only really needed when there are many signs with close to the same SignSpellings -

That pretty much answers my question.  I was wanting some examples of Syllable 4 so that I could see what they were like and try and automate it.  So Syllable 4 are location lookups are mostly Category 6 and are so rarely used that there arenīt many examples in the Puddles.  So there isnīt much to automate but Syllable 4 is where Category 6 symbols and few others for the face, neck symbols are put in the SignSpelling sequence.

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